Tanzania Trekking Adventure

Tanzania has some of the world’s most diverse mountain habitats, ranging from towering volcanoes to lush and verdant forests teeming with uncommon creatures. Trekkers will be relieved to learn that the journey does not finish after you reach the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro – there is still so much to see! We’ve compiled a list of some of Tanzania’s top mountain sites, both for day treks and multi-day hikes. Please keep in mind that several of these mountains are located within protected national parks, so we always recommend double-checking the most up-to-date park fees before heading out.

Peak climbers' hearts beat faster in the nation of the world's highest single standing mountain. Tanzania impresses visitors young and old with its stunning beauty, steep mountains, and rich plants set against a unique cultural environment. Our varied hiking paths cater to hikers of all fitness levels and experience levels.