Materuni Waterfalls Day Trip


Materuni Waterfalls Day Trip is the ideal combination of environment and culture, providing an opportunity to see Moshi town life. The walk around Materuni Waterfall will prepare you nicely if you plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or if you simply want to soak in the scenery and get some mild exercise. The tour begins in the Chagga clan’s coffee plantation communities, where the residents will show the process of manufacturing coffee beans before you make your own one-of-a-kind drink. Following your enjoyment of the plantations, you will proceed to Materuni Waterfall, where you will pass through more plantations, this time growing avocados, mangos, lemons, and bananas, while being met by friendly people gathering fruits to be brought to surrounding markets. Arrive at Materuni for a swim in the clear waters and a lovely lunch in the midst of African nature’s wonders, then return to your accommodation to conclude your visit.

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